Campus Shuttle Checkout

Student Services Shuttle Reservation
The Department of Student Services operates one 12 passenger shuttle, which is available for rental by registered student organizations and college departments. 

Driver must be a current Tallahassee Community College faculty or staff (must have valid State of Florida license, and all passengers must be a current faculty, staff, or student of the college.

Request for shuttle checkouts must be done one week prior to departure (no exceptions).

Priority for reservations are given to student groups and student trips.
What Type of Group:
Name of Organization/Department/Office:
Primary Driver 
First Name:
Last Name
Campus Phone#:
Primary Driver's Cell Phone#:
Email Address (TCC Email Only):
Valid State of Florida Driver's License #:
Will there be any additional drivers: (Trips over 250 miles require two drivers)
Secondary Driver
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Trip Information
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Shuttle Check-Out Time: (Date & Time)
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Cancelling a Reservation

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to shuttle pickup time.

Alcohol Use

No transporting/consuming of alcoholic beverages or smoking is permitted in vehicles.


Department of Student Services vehicle may only be operated by approved faculty/staff drivers. At no time should anyone who has not been approved as a driver operate these vehicles. 

Each driver must pick up and sign for shuttle keys. A valid Drivers License must be provided for review when securing keys and forms.

The driver or passenger(s) should ensure that a cell phone is in the possession of the traveling party for emergency contact purposes. Drivers should not text or call while operating the vehicle.

Picking up the Shuttle

Shuttle keys must be picked up by the person who is going to be driving the shuttle.

Shuttle drivers may pick up van keys from the Department of Student Services on the 1st floor of the Student Union. Please have your Drivers License ready. The Department of Student Services is open Monday-Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

The shuttle can be found in the Administrative Building parking lot.

Please inspect your shuttle prior to leaving campus and report low gas tank, cleaning issues or damage to Student Services immediately.

During Travel

At no time should shuttle passenger occupancy exceed 12 individuals.

To the extent possible, distribute luggage/baggage evenly throughout the vehicles when in use/transport.

Do not remove any seats from the vehicles.

Vehicles must be locked when not in use during the reservation period.

There should not be any items or racks placed on or affixed to the roof of the vehicles.

In case of accident or emergency, do not move the vehicle. Contact the local Police Department (if possible) and College Police at 850-201-6100

Returning the Shuttle

Please return your shuttle within 1 hour of your return to campus.

The shuttle should be returned with a full tank of gas. Failure to do so will result in additional fees. Please note there is nowhere on campus to obtain gas for the shuttle.

The shuttle must be returned to their designated parking spaces in Administrative Building parking lot. Lock the shuttle upon parking and leaving it. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.

Please remove all trash/debris accumulated during your trip. When returned, the shuttle should be in the same condition in which they were received. If a Student Services staff cleans the vehicle after use, cleaning fees will be added to rental charges. Minimum cleaning fee is $25.

Payment Information (In the event the shuttle is not returned with a full tank of gas or needs cleaning)

Department/Organization Name:
Approval Name:
Approval Email:
Budget Code: