Vendor/Non-Profit Tabling Request (External)

Thank you for your interested in promoting your services at Tallahassee Community College!


Non-Tallahassee Community College Entities: 


  • Monday through Thursday from 10:00am to 4:00pm EST, excluding holidays or college breaks, local vendors may promote their businesses through tabling in the Student Union.  For $50.00, each vendor will receive space for one six-foot table and two chairs. The only form of payment accepted is checks made out to “Tallahassee Community College.” Non-profits are able to promote on campus free of charge with proof of 501(c)3 or tax exempt form. Forms can be faxed to 850-201-8427 or emailed to 
  • To reserve a spot, complete the online form. This tentatively holds your spot until payment is received no later than the Monday prior to tabling by 3:00pm EST. Neglecting to pay on time may result in a loss of reservation. You will receive a corresponding email of approved reservation at which point payment may be submitted. No refund of checks will be made if a tabling opportunity is missed but tabling can be rescheduled. In the case that any checks are returned due to insufficient funds, the applicant will be held responsible for all penalties, fines, or fees. Please submit tabling one to two weeks in advance.
  • Vendors must comply with Tallahassee Community College Code of Conduct and all applicable city, state, and/or federal requirements. If vendors are found in violation, they will be removed from campus immediately and all promotional privileges revoked for the remainder of the academic year.
  • NO ITEMS MAY BE SOLD OR BOUGHT AT ANY TIME AT TALLAHASSEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE. The purpose of tabling is for promotion of services only. No exchange of student information may take place with the exception of name and email. Table placement within the Student Union is up to the discretion of the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement Office. If vendors are found having moved their table, they will be asked to leave.
  • Solicitation on Tallahassee Community College’s campus is strictly prohibited. Vendors cannot approach students or roam throughout campus to distribute information. If vendors are found doing so, they will be removed from campus immediately and all promotional privileges revoked for the remainder of the academic year.
  • The SLICE office reserves the right to deny a request based on previously scheduled events, space availability, violation of policies or procedures of the College, or conflicts with any existing college contracts or services.
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Do you have any electricity needs? (Electricity is provided at the discretion of Tallahassee Community College. Any necessary extension cords are the responsibility of the Vendor or student group.)